More proof that sometimes they listen to me

Sunday dinner, me and #2-5.

#2 asks an intelligent question about AIDS in third world countries that requires the use of the word condom in my answer.

#5: What’s a condom?

#2: Oh God.


Me: Well. . .

In unison, #2, #3, and #4 drop their forks, put their hands over their ears, close their eyes and start going , “LALALALALALALA!”

Me, looking at #5: When people have sex

#5, interrupting: Stop talking. Stop talking NOW.

Here’s another time I answered an awkward question from #5 (though this time he let me finish).

I have a Facebook page. If you Like it, you can get treated to such deep insights as this:

#5: I think I’m double jointed somewhere because I can lick my neck.


12 thoughts on “More proof that sometimes they listen to me

  1. You’ve made me think with this one. I wonder how our kids will react to this sort of thing?

    We’ll find out, I guess! 😀

    Nothing like melding cultures for entertainment!

  2. My poor soon used to look infinitely uncomfortable whenever commercials for feminine hygeine products came on. I felt so sorry for him!
    Now with ads about “erectile dysfunction,” I see that we have progressed to equal opportunity embarressment…or does that just make boys embarressed too? Probably!

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