CC usually has to wait for me. For everything. He’s the most efficient person I’ve ever met and he does about 90% of everything we have to do around the house, even though he mostly always has between one and five children either hanging on him or otherwise clamoring for his attention. Seriously, he’s amazing.

He’s also been dragging my ass to the gym lately. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is often the only thing that keeps my head glued on. Left to my own devices I usually get there three days a week. But some rainy or sunny or cold or hot mornings when faced with the gym or going back to bed and eating cookies, it’s a tough call.

So he’s waiting on me today so we can go to the gym. He’s ready. I have to get dressed. I have to brush my teeth. I have to check something online. I have to put on a shirt over a shirt because I feel fat. I have to put on lipgloss, and tell myself that it’s like chapstick. I have to check something else online. Finally, I’m ready.

Then he says he wants to switch the laundry. I stand on the landing watching him. He goes in the laundry room.

a small portion of the laundry

CC: Crap, this is all ours. I have to bring it all upstairs.

(The kids semi-handle their own laundry, under duress)

CC: Crap, there are no baskets.

There never are baskets (see the above parenthetical element). He passes me with an armful of laundry. Unlike me, he doesn’t drop any of it. He does nine others things in like a minute and a half and gets another load started and I tell him he’s amazing.

Me: You’re amazing.

CC: I’m not as amazing as you think. I should have done this while I was waiting on you.

He passes me again. Comes back downstairs. He’s finally ready. He smirks at me, and laughs because I’m waiting on him for a change.

CC: How’s it feel?

Me: Watching you do all the work? Fantastic.


20 thoughts on “Winning

  1. Um, lip gloss IS like chap stick. Only prettier. It’s a must-have at all times, and that includes going to the gym. I’m a lip gloss junkie. (And since I’m presently doing laundry without the aid of an amazing man, that’s all I have to say about that.)

  2. Isn’t there a bumper sticker that says something like, “I love work. I could watch you do it all day long,” or something like that? That’d be perfect to put on the laundry basket.

  3. I’d go for the cookies in bed every time, and Craig would be right there with me. We’re doomed.

  4. I think J would go for the cookies too – I’m the gym junkie – or used to be.

    SO MUCH LAUNDRY! Oh my. Oh my. And I’m just weeks away from a pile like that! πŸ˜†

    1. That reminds me of when I worked in a grocery store as a teen, and this woman I had just rung up called out to her kid, who was trying to leave the store, “Get back here and help me with these groceries! I had children for a reason!”

    1. Go, us!! I feel like I should feel guilty when I hear women bitching about their husbands, but I don’t. I just feel blessed. Okay, now I’ve used that word twice responding to your comments, hmmm.

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